Human Flourishing Lab Launches Flourishing in Action Project, Welcomes Fellows

February 28, 2023—The Human Flourishing Lab at the Archbridge Institute is
pleased to announce a new initiative, Flourishing in Action. This project will provide applicable tools and resources for researchers, practitioners, and everyday people
to increase human flourishing.

Through Flourishing in Action, the Human Flourishing Lab seeks to provide
research-based materials to help others reach their full potential. The initiative will be led by Clay Routledge, director of the Human Flourishing Lab and Vice President of Research at the Archbridge Institute. The lab also will partner with scholars, researchers, and creatives through the Flourishing in Action Fellowship.

Announcing Flourishing in Action Fellows

Fellows will develop a project to create a resource that individuals can use to improve their own lives or the lives of others. These resources will be made
available in an online toolkit at the Human Flourishing Lab. The first cohort
features three Flourishing in Action fellows.

Dr. Andrew Abeyta will focus on exploring strategies to
promote a resilient meaning-making mindset to impact young adults
struggling to find their path in a post-pandemic America.

Amna Hyder will create short, animated videos showcasing
a variety of research on human flourishing, with the goal of increasing optimism
and encouraging people to make their lives more positive and meaningful.

Dr. Camilo Ortiz’s latest work involves developing aninnovative new treatment for child anxiety that focuses on strengthening resilience and self-efficacy by vastly increasingly child independence. His project will work on refining the treatment manual to spread this exciting intervention to more mental health providers

I am thrilled to be launching the Flourishing in Action Fellowship
program. At the Human Flourishing Lab, our goal is to not just study
flourishing as a scholarly activity but to put what we learn into action. There is growing evidence that teenagers and young adults are increasingly struggling

with anxiety, depression, loneliness, and a lack of hope. Our first three fellows were selected because they are doing important work that I believe can make a real difference on these and related issues. This fellowship program is just the beginning of a larger Flourishing in Action project in which we create resources for individuals, schools, churches, and businesses looking for ways to promote the psychological and social ingredients — including agency, optimism,
resilience, curiosity, creativity, social trust, community engagement, tolerance, and collaborative problem-solving — that support a flourishing, free, and
pluralistic society.

Dr. Clay Routledge, Director of the Human Flourishing Lab

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