This article was originally published in Shondaland

Instead of throwing out your stuff, consider curating it for a serotonin boost.

When Michelle Delabrer moved into her house, she filled the space with all the things she loved: a framed photo of the Weasley family from the Harry Potter films, an array of Japanese rice ball tchotchkes, and manatees. Lots and lots of manatee trinkets. “They’re all reminders,” says the graphic designer, “of happy things.”

During the bleak early days of the pandemic, surrounding herself with her beloved knickknacks helped her cope with the loneliness of quarantine life. In moments of uncertainty, Delabrer gazed at the keepsakes displayed throughout her three-bedroom home in College Park, Maryland, and she felt transported. She says abundance has always been her style. Now, that style has a name: cluttercore.