This article was originally published in the Harris Poll.

With the latest advances in generative AI and large language models, virtual reality, robotics, and more, the role technology plays in modern life is rapidly evolving and expanding. The Harris Poll recently surveyed a representative sample of U.S. adults to get a sense of Americans’ sentiment toward the increased importance of technology in their daily life, and a few key insights have emerged from the results of the poll.

The generations converge and diverge along surprising lines.

Americans across generations share a lot of the same aspirations and apprehensions when it comes to new technology and its impact on society. Nine in 10 Americans agree that it’s important to keep an open mind about new technologies (Gen Z: 84%, millennials: 92%, Gen X: 90%, boomers: 89%), and 68% of all agree that companies responsible for creating new technologies do so to improve society, including 68% of Gen Z, 79% of millennials, 74% of Gen X, and 55% of baby boomers.