This article was originally published in Jacob’s Media.

Did you watch The Grammys the other night?  (If you did, you were part of a dwindling group of diehards who still enjoy network award shows.)

One of the less obvious aspects of the show was that most of its high points – especially the live performances – were steeped in nostalgia.  In fact, the show was soaked in memories, the only device the producers apparently think moved the needle.  Interestingly, had they actually promoted the show as a musical time trip into the past, it likely would have garnered better ratings.

Immediately after the show, a team of Washington Post writers ranked these live performances from best to worst.  While the Internet loves countdowns as much as we do in radio, the big takeaway from their story had to do with how so many of these standout live renditions were nostalgic blasts from the past.